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I’m Jamie; owner and sole proprieter of PRISM VALLEY HEALING. Throughout my life, I have found great beauty in my own healing process, which has inspired my journey to help others do the same. I graduated from Stony Brook University of New York with a BA in psychology in 2001.


In 2003, I earned my Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) certification at the Florida School of Massage in Gainsesville. Since then, I earned my status as a  Perferred Affiliate as a  PSYCH-K facilitator, a Reiki practitioner and have studied and practiced a variety of other alternative healing modalities along the way.  

When practicing Reiki, energy healing and massage, I use a rhythmic blend of these modalities, tailoring sessions to fit client’s needs. My approach is fluid, intuitive, intentional and focused. I have an extensive experience in sports therapy, trigger point, Swedish, deep tissue and connective tissue massage as well as Reiki. Although I do integrate other modalities throughout my practice, these are the styles I utilize most. 

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Becoming a Reiki practitioner has amplified my capacity to connect with myself and others in profound ways. This new level of energetic connection and being, permits me the ability to serve as a clear conduit for the “Ki” to flow through me untethered. I find the experience of delivering Reiki humbling. My clients have had deeply moving and healing experiences during and after our Reiki sessions, and I am always elated to have witnessed them.


Regardless of whether the session leads to an empowering breakthrough or simply serves to balance, clients leave feeling restored, revitalized and peaceful. 

I draw from my background in psychology to lead my PSYCH-K sessions, but use PSYCH-K as the sole vehicle for change. Clients understand that our sessions are held within a safe place, and together we step forward with intention and compassion.


The empowerment that ensues when clients rewrite subconscious belief patterns with PSYCH-K is stunning, and every session I facilitate renews me in the process. I am truly blessed to have found PSYCH-K , and feel honored to have been gifted the tools to facilitate such deep, meaningful and lasting change for others.

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I have dedicated my life to the healing arts because it is what I am called to do. I truly love my work and feel blessed every day I am granted to explore the field further. I always stay open and curious when exploring the authentic self, and I am continually awed by the unique discovery within each session. Thank you in advance for allowing me the honor of working with you.

I look forward to our future sessions!

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