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I had been having back pain for several years. The only thing that worked for me were corticosteroid injections, which would last for a while but then the pain would gradually return. The last time I felt the pain beginning to return, instead of scheduling another corticosteroid injection, I went to Jamie for a reiki session. In the normal progression of my back pain, my pain would gradually increase over time until it was incapacitating. However, this time, it never got worse. Instead, it actually decreased, and I felt great! I was pretty skeptical, but it worked for me, I had no back pain for almost a year! I highly recommend Jamie, I will be going back soon!


Jamie is an exceptional massage therapist!  She is extremely professional and attentive to a level of pressure and the needs of her clients. I felt relaxed, revived, and incredibly peaceful after leaving her studio.  I am so grateful that I have found her and will definitely be returning for follow up massages.


She is truly the best!


I recently had the most pleasant experience at PRISM. Jamie was fabulous! She had a very soothing, comforting touch and the space was beautiful, peaceful and warm. 


I had a 60 minute massage and 30 minutes of Reiki, which is something new to me.  I was extremely impressed by the results! I left there feeling incredible! The studio is located on such a stunning piece of land, too. I took my time taking in the view before and after my session.


I highly recommend PRISM VALLEY HEALING. I already booked my next 4 appointments!


Working with Jamie was not only helpful but opened my eyes up to the bigger picture of what I need to focus on to create true health in my life. She was able to take, what for me, is a very abstract concept and distill it into what feels like a very specific and potent medicinal experience.

I had been in a fairly dark place in my life due to some past trauma, lost hopes, multiple deaths in my family in and poor work environment. I really didn’t want to take medication just to keep my job but I was feeling a bit hopeless. I decided to work with Jamie as I had not tried an alternative approach of this type.

Jamie listened asked thoughtful questions and reassured some things around my past traumas, family and work. She was then able to clear out unwanted thoughts and emotions and give me clarity on my path to true healing.

After working with Jamie I felt lighter than I have in years. I was able to see all of the negative self talk and frustrations I had taken on differently. I was able to move through the old stuck places with more compassion towards myself. I finally started to make the necessary changes with people and work to start living with more focus on intention and design the things I really want in life.

This has been the best alternative to taking medication I could have imagined. This type of healing is much deeper and more meaningful than I thought was possible. I definitely recommend working with Jamie and letting her clear out all of the negative energy, stagnation and clutter that blocks you from getting what you really want and deserve in life. Hands down Jamie is a truly gifted healer.


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41 with two young children, my fear and anxiety were beyond debilitating.  I needed to be able to function and make rational decisions and the treatment that Jamie provided gave me back my clarity and self -control.  Instead of drowning in my fear I was able to face it and take my power back.   When I look back on the providers who saved my life in 2020, its not just my surgeon and oncologist… its Jamie.  I am endlessly grateful for her!


Prior to meeting Jamie I had no experience with Reiki and if I’m honest I was very skeptical.  Her approach, her presence, and the environment that she created made me feel so relaxed and open.  The deep calm that I experienced after the session was remarkable.  I have literally craved that feeling since and I can’t wait for my next treatment!                                              

-Jenn M.

I'd like to share a few words about the PSYCH-K work that I've done with Jamie from Prism Valley Healing.  PSYCH-K was an area that I was largely unfamiliar with until I spoke with Jamie, who explained the concept of the work, the intention, and made me feel instantly comfortable to explore the idea of reprogramming subconscious thoughts.  I've had two PSYCH-K experiences with Jamie, where I came out of the sessions noticeably lighter, empowered, and with an ability to move through thoughts that had previously held me back. 


Jamie embodies the essence of a holistic healer.  She empathetically listens, is vulnerable herself, and truly cares about the work that she is doing.  I would recommend Jamie to anyone who is interested in PSYCH-K, Reiki or Massage Therapy.  I have gone back to Jamie multiple times since our initial PSYCH-K work for Reiki as well as massage.  No matter the medium, Jamie is a true light, a progressive healer, a true game changer. 

-Leah K.


Jamie is amazing! I felt like I won the lottery finding her! Jamie was so professional from the moment I met her.  She really takes the time to get to know her clients.  She makes it a priority to learn about her clients health issues and goals for massage.   She offers a variety of massage styles, and is very conscious of the comfort of her clients.  Jamie is able to find problem areas and work the knots out.  She is truly amazing! I wish I could afford to go every week! The studio is very clean and extremely relaxing.  

 Jamiei s a talented professional, that clearly takes deep pride in her work.  

Life Changing! I’m a military veteran who has struggled with PTSD and Anxiety for decades. I’ve tried an array of therapies and medications; all more traditional vehicles for treatment, with little success. I came into my first Reiki session skeptical but open as I tend to be a natural skeptic of things I can’t touch or see. However, after a single session, my perception was altered, my soul calmed and my hope reignited. Since that first session, I’ve had many others, all with unique and positive outcomes. Jamie is a natural in her role of (as she says) conduit of the “Ki” and I believe now, that it is her own positive energy and healing intent, that permits her to be so effective in this work. Absolutely amazing… thank you!



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